Mountain Valley Medicinal Seeds Bucket


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Open Pollinated NON-GMO Heirloom Medicinal Garden Pack

 Our Grow and Store Medicinal Seed Pack contains 10 of the most popular medicinal garden seeds. With this package you will have some of the most common and powerful medicinal herbs that can be readily grown from seed. In addition, you will receive our Medicinal Herb guide with suggested uses and mixtures for these medicinal herbs. Inside our resealable container you will find each of the following items in individual resealable mylar packages:

5 grams Borage (approximately 229 seeds)

5 grams Cayenne (approximately 705 seeds)

5 grams Echinacea (approximately 1,940 seeds)

5 grams Hyssop (approximately 3,351 seeds)

5 grams Lovage (approximately 1,764 seeds)

5 grams Calendula (approximately 617 seeds)

5 grams Dandelion (approximately 7.937 seeds)

5 grams Fenugreek (approximately 317 seeds)

5 grams Lemon Balm (approximately 7.231 seeds)

5 grams Yarrow (approximately 3,527 seeds)

1 Seed Growing, Saving and Medicinal Use Guide