The Ragnarok 3 DVD Blockbuster Bundle

“The Ragnarok 3 DVD Blockbuster Bundle”
This offer holds a retail value of $75.00! NOW FOR ONLY $35.00 +S/H
When you order Josh Peck’s new documentary film “Ragnarok: Humanity’s Last Stand” from the SkyWatchTV store, you’ll also receive the never before seen, exclusive DVD content “Ragnarok: Destruction Unveiled” and “Ragnarok: Mountains of Judgment”!
  In the new documentary film Ragnarok: Humanity’s Last Stand, visionary filmmaker Josh Peck takes you on a journey through the ancient prophecy from the Book of Revelation about a burning mountain that falls from the sky, bringing devastation to the world, and what scientists and NASA have to say about it! 

Ragnarok: Mountains of Judgment DVD where you will take a deep dive into the prophecy AND science behind asteroids, and how this relates to the coming space rock named after the Egyptian god of chaos, Apophis!

    Ragnarok: Destruction Unveiled DVD where SkyWatchTV’s own Drew Graffia sits down with visionary filmmaker Josh Peck to talk about:

    • His filmmaking process!
    • What goes into a project of this magnitude!
    • What his initial reaction to Dr. Thomas Horn’s end times vision was!
    • And what it is like to handle such apocalyptic material!