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Lies of Men & Gods” Hyper Video-Collection


There is a huge web of deception that has been intentionally woven in to the underbelly of everything we perceive to be reality here on planet earth, and it is compounded by falsehoods uttered from the lips of our governments, militaries and even the Vatican! But what is the lie, and what is at stake!?!? SkyWatchTV is proud to present The “Lies of Men & Gods” Hyper Video-Collection”! 

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Lies of Men & Gods DVD

You will see how the globalists who control our governments, militaries and parts of the Vatican are working to condition the masses of the world to accept that premise that Aliens, set to arrive here on earth very soon, are our technological, moral and even spiritual superiors! And that THEY ARE IN FACT OUR CREATORS! Featuring interviews with legends in bible prophecy like Steve Quayle and Dr. Thomas Horn, this incredible expose burrows deep into the veiled reality of evil, which satan is actively trying desperately to keep hidden from view! With never before seen footage of evidence that points to the absolute genetic corruption of human beings, this film endeavors to give you the unfiltered truth about who and what is actually controlling our planet!

Extinction Protocols DVD! 

This powerhouse DVD brings you face to face with the realities of how globalists are.. right now.. plotting the deaths of over 90% of the earth’s population! From forced medical interventions, Alien Disclosure, AI Technology, and the end of paper money, to the explosion of crypto currencies and precious metals.. ‘Extinction protocols’  covers what you need to know in order to be prepared for what is coming next!

Humanity’s Twilight DVD! 

This fascinating DVD delves in to one of the most tumultuous times in recent American history, and how modern age pandemics are being used by governments of the world to usher in a massive loss of individual freedoms, civil unrest, famine and even war! This video presentation serves as an outright warning about what’s coming in the days ahead!