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  Shadowland soberly and frighteningly exposes occult influences hidden especially within Washington’s Deep State and modern culture. From Jeffrey Epstein to the Clintons—from Obama and Biden to the Occult Elite—Dr. Thomas Horn uncovers terrifying realities behind today’s polarizing culture war and the energies operating behind the contest for dominance over values, beliefs, and religious practices.
Now, for the first time ever, readers will discover:
• Occult practices and enthroned “Egregores” over the mysterious shadow empire
• Diabolical “body count” lists and “sacrificed” whistleblowers
• Jeffrey Epstein and Shadowland’s deals with the Devil
• Hillary Clinton and the bizarre effort to summon Antichrist
• Whether some in “Christianity” have joined Luciferian objectives
• What really was behind the Russia Hoax and Trump impeachment effort
• Shocking facts about Obama and his so-called Birth Certificate
• Contrasting visions for America—Progressives vs. Conservatives
From critically acclaimed and Amazon Top-60 bestselling author Carl Gallups
"Exposing the Ultimate Cosmic Con Job"

Consider how so many of the institutions of education, entertainment, science, technology, and even "the church," have been directly influenced and distorted by the demonic realm. And think of the younger citizens of this planet who have only known this kind of diabolical fakery -- for their entire lives. What kind of world-to-come is being created by this torrent of filth and fraud? Actually, the Bible gives us the answer. It's all hurtling toward the kingdom reign of the man of  lawlessness. And much of today's church is sound asleep as it approaches.
Progressive Evil confirms that Western humanity as we know it is on a downward spiral thanks in part to cultural Marxism: a social and political movement that promotes unreason and irrationality through the guise of various social justice causes. That ideology deliberately deceives and disarms the malleable, unsuspecting masses and is the tool of contemporary progressives, an evil cabal represented by a stable filled with Democratic Party presidential candidates.
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