What Dwells Beyond


What Dwells Beyond takes a comprehensive look at the Scriptural doctrines of life in the universe, and builds a step-by-step Biblical case for understanding outer space and the modern extraterrestrial phenomenon.


You will READ & LEARN about:

  * Cosmic Pluralism from antiquity to the 21st century

 * The influences of science fiction on the ET hypothesis

 * The strange origins of darkness & the purpose of outer space

 * An illustrated biblical field guide and classification system to all life forms

 * Bible authority & Bible prophecy

 * Cosmology, angelology, demonology, giantology, technology

 * Monsters, superheroes and genetic super science

 * An in-depth study on counterfeit life

 * Over 170 images, charts and diagrams, full searchable index & MUCH MORE!

 * With thousands of scriptures, this thorough handbook makes the ideal apologetics resource for Christians and Bible students wanting to learn more about the mysteries of life in the universe.