The Summoning Special Offer

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The Summoning Special Offer

Included in this package: The Summoning Book, The Summoning Companion DVD, and SkyWatchTV Classics Vol 1 and 2 MP3 Audio. 

This offer holds a retail value of $195.00! NOW FOR ONLY $35.00


Prepare for the coming days of Noah and realize the chronology of the future as it's finally unveiled in the Summoning Special Collection! In this incredible offer, you’ll receive the new book by best selling author Carl Gallups “The Summoning!”

IN THE SUMMONING BOOK YOU WILL: Be thrust headlong into the original days of Noah, and through the theater of your mind you'll actually be inside the ark at the very moment the antediluvian world ripped apart at the seams!


The Summoning (Book)

Is our world actually reeling toward the prescient days of Noah—those days of unparalleled global turmoil as foretold by Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke? Are we really on the brink of a universal shaking, as a number of today’s prophecy watchers are warning?                                                                       

You’ll find the answers to those questions and many others as you set sail on this spectacular biblical journey with long-time pastor and internationally acclaimed bestselling author, Carl Gallups.                            

The Summoning DVD

THE SUMMONING COMPANION DVD INCLUDES: Join Pastor Carl Gallups in the SkyWatch TV studio for this incredible 2-Part sermon based off of his ground-breaking work 'The Summoning'. From living without fear in the midst of a Global Pandemic to the question surrounding what Jesus is telling His people through the prophecy of 'The Fig Tree' and the return of Israel, this companion DVD will give you a head start to understanding all you need to know about the coming Days of Noah!or the future.

Skywatch TV Classics Vol 1

MP3 Audio Disc

 Included in this MP3 audio: 

  1. Conspiracy theory: 6 hour audio interview
  2. The Coming Zombie Apocolypse: 6 hour audio
  3. Psychotronic Warfare: 3hour Audio

 Approximate run time:  15 hours

 $74.99 Retail Value

Skywatch TV Classics Vol. 2

MP3 Audio Disc

 Included in this MP3 Audio: 

1. Something Transhuman This Way Comes: Approx.  3hours

 2. The Coming Replacement Humans: Approx. 6 hours

 3. As it was in the Days of Noah: Approx. 4 hours

 Approximate run time: 13 hours

 $74.99 retail value