The Researchers Library of Ancient Texts Volume 3: The Septuagint


VOLUME THREE: The Septuagint

This is a beautiful, Oversized 8.5 X 11 Trade paper Collectors Edition Book. The Septuagint (or "LXX", or "Greek Old Testament") is a translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, which was sponsored according to tradition in the late 3rd century BC by Ptolemy II Philadelphus, the king of Ptolemaic Egypt (283 BC to 246 BC). The Greek translation was originally created for use by the Alexandrian Jews who were fluent in koine Greek, but not in Hebrew. Thus the Septuagint is sometimes called the "Apostle's Bible" and was the one that Jesus and his disciples had access to. It is quoted in the New Testament by writers such as the Apostle Paul, and remained the Scripture of use by the Apostolic Fathers as well.
The Researchers Library of Ancient Texts - Volume 3 faithfully reproduces the translation of the Septuagint into English by Sir Lancelot C. L. Brenton, first published in 1851 and based primarily upon one of the oldest extant manuscripts of the Greek Bible. It remains the standard of use by many scholars and students of Scripture and history. Contained in Volume 3: The English Translation of the Greek Septuagint Bible.