The Deeper State: Inside the War on Trump by Corrupt Elites, Secret Societies, and the Builders of An Imminent Final Empire


The Deeper State is about the elites, their secret societies, world power centers and evil motivations behind the chaotic contemporary world pressing all life toward a final one world empire. The contemporary trigger that briefly lifted the veil on this darkness was the election of President Donald Trump who exposed the power brokers, their evil agenda, their techniques and ideology much like when one is shocked when lifting a rock in the forest to discover hidden underneath slimy poisonous vipers. Deep State is a term that has recently come into vogue to describe the forces in Washington and around the country that are rallying to overturn the election of President Trump. But there is far more to this organized resistance, there is an even deeper state that must be exposed to fully understand the imminent danger.

THE DEEPER STATE discloses for the first time...

*Behind the scenes super elites who promote a false panacea through promises of globalization.

*How globalist are taking over the world s power centers

*The instruments of global power and the secret hands of the globe s evil puppet masters.

*The history of the world s super class.

*The marriage of modern globalism and progressivism with deep roots in Marxism and Darwinism.

*The one-world government elite behind the European Union.

*The spiritual aspects of an invisible war and its Achilles heel.

Just when all hope seems lost there is an ancient leader that provides sage advice for these tumultuous times. Yes, God has preordained the final outcome but until that time, which could be soon, we can make a difference in spite of the rigid and seemingly overwhelming push by the elites and their evil ally in the unseen realm.