COLLISION COURSE : The Fight to Reclaim Our Moral Compass Before It Is Too Late


Collision course Book By  Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

Collision Course demonstrates that the United States was founded by Christians seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity – a grand experiment that made the common man “king.”  Those new world immigrants brought with them a Christian worldview marked by a robust Protestant work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit that prospered in the wilds of America’s unchartered capitalistic economy that eventually made the European franchise the envy of the world.  The backbone of that exceptional success was her Christian foundation that nourished critical institutions – family, religion, government, education and economy.  However, as the history of past empires demonstrates, most often the founding ingredients wear thin and now, two and a half centuries later, America finds herself at a moral tipping point having abandoned much of her original Christian influenceCollision Course tracks America’s approaching moral tipping point which demands a call for an emergency renewal – a true repentance - to change course in order to avoid being relegated to the dust bin of history and end times irrelevancy.