Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference 2016 Volume 4


9 DVDs- 19 presentations

by Gary Stearman, Joel Richardson, Randall Price, Michael Lake, Josh Peck, Bill Koenig, Carl Teichrib, Avi Lipkin, Bob Maginnis, Ken Johnson & L.A. Marzulli , Brent Miller Sr., and Bill Salus.

Gary Stearman- The UFO Story I Never Thought I’d Tell- 54 minutes

Joel Richardson- Until I Make Your Enemies a Footstool- 63 minutes

Randall Price- Ready To Rebuild- 59 minutes

Randall Price- Interview- 14 minutes

Michael Lake- Jericho: Spiritual Strongholds- 54 minutes

Josh Peck- Quantum Future- 63 minutes

Bill Koenig- Connecting the Dots- 60 minutes

Carl Teichrib- Parliament of World Religions- 56 minutes

Avi Lipkin- Bible Bloc Party in Israel- 53 minutes

Tom Hughes- How Close Are We to the Final World Religion?- 50 minutes

Carl Teichrib- Ambassador Calling- 52 minutes

Closing Conference Comments- Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich- 8 minutes

Q & A # 1- The Dark Side of Bible Prophecy- Gary Stearman, Tom Horn & L.A. Marzulli- 64 minutes

Q & A # 2- The Future of Israel- Gary Stearman, Bill Salus, & Bill Koenig- 53 minutes

Q & A # 3- Ask the Experts- Gary Stearman, Randall Price, & Ken Johnson- 56 minutes

Brent Miller Sr.- Interview- 21 minutes

Michael Lake- Interview- 14 minutes

Ken Johnson- Interview- 16 minutes

Bob Maginnis- Interview- 14 minutes