The Warrior-Priest Christmas Offer


Purchase the Warrior-Priest Christmas offer for $30.00 and handling and receive the following items:

Warrior Priest book, Radicals book, and the Final fire book.

The Warrior-Priest Book

Through the ages, there have been few heroes as adored as the medieval KNIGHT! With a prayer in his heart and a sword in his hand, it is easy to see why this ultimate WARRIOR-PRIEST has stood the test of time. "The Warrior-Priest Mindset" unveils the inherent dual nature of every believer. Like Jesus, we must all be the LION and the LAMB!

 You Will Discover:

  • The prophecies of the Dual Messiahs (The Suffering Servant and The Conquering King);
  • Yahweh's Code of Chivalry when using Self-Defense;
  • The mysterious and vile "Order of the Tinkling Cymbal";
  • How we may be acting as Counterfeit Crusaders instead of Warrior-Priests;
  • How many of our biblical heroes were, in fact, Warrior-Priests;
  • How the Bible is the greatest knight's tale ever written and how Jesus is the ULTIMATE DRAGON SLAYER!

Radicals Books

Throughout time, when it seemed mankind was slipping irrevocably into ungodly decay from which the world might never recover, God did something unexpected and released a fresh wind of His presence that awoke a remnant of believers. These revivalists and prophets in turn often departed ecclesiastical and cultural norms to preach the everlasting Gospel with innovative flare. While in their days they were thought to be radicals, they nevertheless pushed back darkness with the Sword of the Spirit and liberated minds to comprehend their estate and need of Jesus (2 Cor. 10:5). The book you now hold argues effectively that we have entered such a time again and the evidence is reflected in familiar anti-establishment sentiments today both religious and political. We are rapidly ripening for a spiritual awakening within the Church of Christ, and this book leaves no illusions about how that could suddenly unfold, unexpectedly giving rise to a new breed of post-denominational radicals infused with the supernatural power of God. 

Final Fire Book 

IS THE NEXT GREAT AWAKENING RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER? In the midst of intense global societal discord persecution, rights activism, racial tension, intense political hostility, and the resurgence of anti-establishment counterculture many have lost faith in governments and even in church leadership to provide answers and stability. But this feeling this underlying sensation that pricks our national cognition with a constant needling, demanding to be fought against and yet powerful enough that it inspires hopeless demoralization has occurred before. From the Bohemian Reformation of John Wycliffe and Jan Hus in the 1300s to the Jesus People of the 60s and 70s, every era ripe with public dejection and faith-drought foreshadowed spiritual awakenings. These often began in the unlikeliest of places by the most inconceivable of personalities, and then spread like uncontrollable brushfires across the land resulting in millions surrendering their hearts and lives to the Lord. As today s world becomes more desperate to experience such personal meaning and social healing, the world is inadvertently moving toward another Great Awakening!