The Afterlife Christmas Offer


The Afterlife Christmas offer available for the month of December for $30.00 plus shipping. 

When you purchase the package you will receive the following:

Angels on Assignment book, Afterlife book, and the Encounters book.

 Angels on Assignment Again Book

Scripture tells us of a day when angels God's holy messengers will ascend upon the earth like never before like a fire igniting everything they touch. From time immemorial, testimonies of these messengers and their amazing intervention have maintained global attention, and every world religion has its own way of identifying and confirming their continual influence. 

At this moment, the wind of a new Great Awakening is blowing throughout every culture of the US, as well as many countries abroad. People are sensing something they can't explain, but it s a movement of God they cannot disregard. Leaders of both genders and of every generation whose appearance, character, and approach defy all the ecclesiastical norms of the otherwise exhausted Church are rising up from the most unexpected of places to harness this spiritual power and preach the Gospel with a fresh passion the world hasn t witnessed since the martyrs of old. In such a crucially important time, it is necessary to understand the role angels will play in the days ahead. 

Afterlife Book

book by Donna Howell, Allie Anderson-Henson and Josh Peck, AFTERLIFE, where you’ll discover for the first time, real-life stories of near-death and out-of-body experiences as told by those who experienced them! What scientists say about evidence of life in the beyond! Surprising implications made through the Shroud of Turin! And tackling tough questions like “if God is such a loving God, why does he send people to hell for all of eternity?”

Encounters Book

where you’ll learn whether holy angels can default from God’s army, have wings, or read our minds! The biblical answer to whether we should attempt to beckon angels to carry out our requests, or seek them out as spirit guides! You’ll also learn about the fierce capacity of angels, their strength in spiritual warfare, and ability to operate in the physical world to carry out God’s prophetic will! All this and so much more!