The “Belly of the Beast Grand Giveaway”

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The “Belly of the Beast Grand Giveaway”

All together this offer holds a retail value of over $350! 



The Belly of the Beast Grand Giveaway includes!


The holidays are rapidly approaching and nows your chance to save BIG on the largest skywatch TV giveaway of the year! Skywatch TV is proud to announce the Belly of the Beast Grand Giveaway! 

In the brand new documentary Belly of the Beast, you will discover for the first time: Why a Bible is BOUND in a magic square INSIDE the testes of the Washington Monument… Where and why a buried ANCIENT MAGICAL OBELISK AWAITS UNDERGROUND nearby… Where the ENTRANCE to a Secret Crypt exists connected to American LUCIFER WORSHIP from within the Deep State… And, for the first time EVER, the US government-owned location where the Antichrist will be resurrected on American soil!


When you order Belly of the Beast from skywatch tv, you’ll also receive Lady Queensborough’s celebrated original 1933, Occult Theocrasy Two-volume collection, beautifully re-published by Defender publishing! These books are classic expose’s on the secret societies, from witches to knights templar, freemasons to rosicrucians, druids to the illuminati, masonic & pagan symbols, christian science, the order of the jesuits and so much more! Dr. Thomas Horn says “No serious researcher’s library is complete without this massive 2-volume Collection!” Occult Theocrasy volumes 1 and 2 hold a retail value of 80$! Yours now FREE when you purchase the Belly of the Beast Grand Giveaway!

But! We’re just getting started! You’ll also receive a gargantuan supply of any of the following items which are  super-quality overstock gift books, DVD’s, audio sets, survival and organic books and more to add to your library or to give away as gifts this holiday season!


Sold separately this Grand Giveaway holds a retail value of over $350.00, yours now for your donation of only $35.00 plus S/H

So don’t delay! This AVALANCHE of holiday gifts is perfect for the serious researcher in your life but is only available while supplies last! So take advantage of this--the largest skywatch tv giveaway of 2018—while you can when you purchase the Belly of the Beast Grand Giveaway!