The Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing Special Offer

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“The Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing Special Offer

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The Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing Special Offer includes!


The Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing: Warren Marcus helps unlock the meaning from the Ancient Hebrew of GOD’s “Priestly PRAYER of the Blessing” and unfolds the Mystery of this end-time revelation on how this PRAYER - written by GOD Himself - will help you in your daily walk as you strive towards supernatural health, divine provision, and the power and authority to fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose! SkyWatch TV is proud to announce the “The Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing Special Offer!”Through Warren’s revelatory BOOK you will Discover the supernatural power of the HEBREW language! That the Shekinah Glory is the manifest presence of the HEAVENLY FATHER! That Jesus Himself – the High Priest of the New Covenant – prayed this DIVINE PRAYER over his disciples as he ascended into heaven, and that he is ready to pronounce this Divine Prayer over you right now!


Ancient Priestly Prayer PENDANT: Order now and receive this beautiful authentic numbered replica of the Ancient Priestly Prayer PENDANT with chain! (MY FACE) In 1979, a Jewish archeologist, Gabriel Barkay, discovered two silver AMULETS in a cave opposite the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem. (BRING AMULET BACK) Inscribed on the silver in the Ancient Paleo-Hebrew is the Ancient Priestly Prayer of the Blessing.” It is the oldest intact Bible Scripture in existence today, and is 400 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls! The front of this incredible pendant is inscribed with THE DIVINE PRAYER written in the Ancient Paleo-Hebrew as originally discovered! The back includes the prayer inscribed in English just as we have in our bibles today!


Priestly Prayer MINI-BOOKLET: Also included with each pendant, you’ll receive an accompanying Priestly Prayer MINI-BOOKLET, so that you can carry the prayer with you to proclaim it over yourself wherever you go! Included within the pages of the mini booklet, a SPECIAL, FREE INTERNET LINK where you can see and hear this DIVINE PRAYER pronounced over you by Warren Marcus in the Amplified Hebrew-to-English Translation! And you can hear World-Renowned Messianic Worship Leader Paul Wilbur singing this DIVINE PRAYER over you in Hebrew!