Longwalkers: Return of the Nephilim


"Since my new book 'Longwalkers - The Return of the Nephilim' is written in a fictional format, derived from my movie script - I have included the personal letter that I received from the pilot who flew a 12-foot tall, dead, cannibalistic giant out of the Middle East after destroying a Special Forces group hunting the Taliban in 2005. The giant had six fingers and six toes and the Longwalkers book cover is a VERY accurate artistic representation of the actual event. The pilot related to me in our subsequent phone call certain things that only someone who actually observed the giant could have possibly known. I suggest those of you who know what "The Days of Noah" really means, prepare accordingly!" -- Stephen Quayle

"One of the most thrilling, edge of your seat novels I have read!" -- Donna Howell, novelist
LongWalkers has 30 Chapters, 288 pages, 7 full-page illustrations and the actual letter mentioned above. The book takes the reader around the world and through time in search of the truth about the returning giants. The action begins at Gaul in 109 BC and transits to; the Grand Canyon, Utah in 1919; Tempe, Arizona; Nemrut Dagi, Adiyaman Province, Turkey; Lake Titicaca, Bolivia; Florence, Italy; Fort Mead, Maryland; Salisbury Plain, England; Neu-Schwabenland, Antarctica; the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Sakkara, Egypt; Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico; San Francisco, California and Khartoum, Sudan.