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Today, Tom Horn is the CEO of SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing. He is well known for such books as Forbidden Gates, the Petrus Romanus series, and Zenith 2016, as well as his award-winning documentary Inhuman. For decades, people have read his works, watched him on nationally syndicated television, and come to know the brain of the man who has pioneered biblical scholarly studies in the subjects of transhumanistic sciences, the Nephilim giants and Sons of God mentioned in Genesis 6, the Vatican's role in eschatology, Freemasonry, the concerning architecture of Washington, DC, and a wide variety of other cutting-edge subjects.But many have also come to wonder about the man behind the media. Who is Tom Horn at the core? What drives him to tackle the questions very few others will address? Did he know the Lord from an early age, or was there a paramount moment when Christ revealed Himself to Tom? And is there a powerful message in his life's story that is crucially relevant and applicable to all generations within the Body of Christ?

In The Boy from El Mirage, readers will discover for the first time: 
*How Tom cheated death-twice-and came to discover why God spared him for a Kingdom purpose 
*Why he frequently retreated to the desert for hours at a time alone-and what his reflections during those times eventually revealed 
*His divine meeting with his lifelong mate, Nita, and his less-than-divine first impressions 
*How his early years in ministry as a pastor were merely training grounds for his true calling 
*Humorous moments that led to great humbling and reshaping of character *Supernatural events that irrevocably proved God's personal intervention and provision from well before Tom was ever born and onward to today 
*Most importantly, how his story relates a call-to-action and message of truth for male and female, rich or poor, young or elderly, and of every race.


Sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious, Nita Horn's exquisitely told and inspiring memoir of a poor little girl's dreams of horses and where that love could lead is a triumph of loss and survival, sacrifice, devotion, acceptance, forgiveness, and finally, success. As a child, Nita escaped the demands of the day by sitting on her "flying carpet" with a small bag of cheap plastic animal toys and her sister, Althia, while they imagined themselves visiting exotic farms and locales to rescue and heal. But when tragedy struck Nita at the age of thirteen and her sister and father were taken from her, she wondered if there was anything left to believe in. Personally decimated, her already fractured life came apart at the seams. Nita's mother--who also nearly died from the accident--floundered with depression and loss. Nita dejectedly followed wherever each day would lead, struggling with identity, confidence, and self-image...until the day she met a "charmingly flawed" young man. He was a self-confident, cocky loner. Yet, he believed in her and her dreams. Together, they would spend their next decades overcoming obstacles and testing commitments, finding true love, faith, ministry, and the miracle of healing--for her as well as for others. From devastation to tenderness, from humor to warmth, from surviving poverty to discovering an invisible God that has a plan for all our lives, No Fences is an intimate and revealing narrative of losing dreams, getting them back, and the faith journey in between. They say that behind every great man there is a great woman. Finally, the woman behind SkyWatch TV CEO Tom Horn tells her story.


Camp DVD: 

Ten year old Eli's life is a nightmare filled with neglect and abuse. One of the many children placed into foster care each year, he struggles with his emotions while longing for the love & approval of a family. Meanwhile, to impress a potential new client, investment advisor Ken Matthews signs up to be a camp counselor and gets paired with Eli. At this unique and special summer camp designed to help draw children out of their dark pasts, Ken & Eli slowly learn about each other and what it means to begin to trust. Based on true stories of real-life campers at Royal Family Kids summer camps, audiences will be inspired and find hope in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. Inspired by true stories, Written and Directed by Jacob Roebuck, Includes Special features: Director's Commentary, Royal Family KIDS Speak Out, Del
eted Scenes, Audition Tapes, Behind the Scenes and More.

From Despair to an Heir Book: 

The Genuine love and undying compassion that Wayne and Diane Tesch feel for children has compelled them to establish Royal Family Kids Camps. What first began in 1985 as outreach ministry to the children in their church and surrounding community, has grown to become an international network serving, now, over 45,000 children since it’s founding. The combined gifts and talents of Wayne and Diane have proven, time and again, to be incredible qualities of this dynamic ministry to abused, abandoned, and neglected children - the only one of it’s kind. Wayne and Diane continually strive to mobilize and empower churches to launch summer week-long camps for abused children as they travel across America and occasionally around the globe.