The Unseen Adversary


The Unseen Adversary (mp3 CD)

The pagan gods of the ancient world are real. How can that be true when the Bible says that God is one?

Broadcaster and author Derek P. Gilbert (The Great Inception) and Dr. Michael S. Heiser (Reversing Hermon) explore the unseen realm in seven hours of mind-blowing audio interviews recorded for Derek’s podcast, A View from the Bunker.

From UFOs and “aliens” to the gods who rebelled against their Creator, Gilbert and Heiser analyze a wide range of fascinating topics, but always through a biblical lens.

Program listing:

1. The Divine Council 1:01:47
2. Live from Roswell! 59:30
3. The Unseen Realm 1:06:50
4. The Façade 1:16:36
5. The Portent 1:14:32
6. Reversing Hermon 55:22
7. God’s Holy Mountain 22:06