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Psychotronic Warfare


PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE: What In The Otherworld Is Going On?

The use of 'vital energy' by ultraterrestrials to form dimensional gateways--whether by manipulating animal, plant, or atmospheric molecular energy--brings interesting questions to the biblical story of Genesis, where some believe super-intelligent angels known as 'Watchers' descended to earth and used antediluvian cell matter (women, animals, plants) to construct for themselves 'portals', through which they extended themselves into the material world, bringing with them physical and psychotronic warfare.

Note the implication behind this activity in Genesis:

"The benei Elohim saw the daughters of Adam, that they were fit extensions." (emphasis added [Interlinear Hebrew Bible])

'Fit extensions' could be understood to mean the use of molecular energy to format navigational, dimensional pathways. Current advances by modern scientists to blend DNA of various species using transgenics (genetically modified crops, mice with human brains, goats with human blood, rabbit-human embryos) raises a host of prophetic possibilities and questions in light of Genesis 6:

  • The book of Enoch expands the Genesis story to reveal that the 'sin' of angels with women included similar simultaneous activity against nature, animals, and plants.
  • The reason 'Watchers' might have been transgenically blending their specie with human DNA as well as animal and plant DNA (various living organisms) remains a mystery, but is curiously compelling in light of modern transgenic and similar well-funded research. Are we seeing the fulfillment of prophecy? "As it was in the days of Noah..." ?

What if, by corrupting the species 'barrier' commanded by God in which each creature was to recreate after its "own kind", Watchers successfully mingled human-animal-plant DNA and combined the hereditary traits of several species into a single new mutation? An entirely new being--Nephilim--might have suddenly possessed the combined intelligence and instincts (seeing, hearing, smelling, reacting to the environment, etc.) of several life forms and in ways unfamiliar to ancient men.

Today, molecular biologists classify the functions of genes within native species yet are unsure in many cases how a gene's coding might react from one species to another. Simply stated, transgenics is the science of altering the genetic structure and in some cases the nature of a species by introducing DNA of a different species into its genome. Such tinkering includes human embryos having their molecular biology altered through inserting animal (and if you can accept the staggering possibility, alien [demon?]) DNA into their genome.

What are the ramifications of such creatures?


For instance, many people believe that animals not only 'sense' earthquakes and 'smell' tumors but that they 'see' spirits. The Bible provides verification for this in the story of Balaam's donkey. Modern researchers likewise have uncovered evidence that animals often seem to react to things unseen (ever seen a dog barking or growling at 'nothing'?).

Now imagine what this could mean if government laboratories with unlimited budgets working beyond congressional review were to decode the gene functions that lead to animal propensities of sense, smell, sight. The ultimate psychotronic warfare could be committed against entire populations by 'agents' who appear to be human but who see and even interact with invisible forces. Biblical and apocryphal texts indicate such may have been the case with Nephilim, and brings an entirely new context to the fear-factor ancient men had of these beings.

Yet this terrifying example is only the tip of the iceberg. If interbreeding between regular and transgenic humans (a possibility many believe not only explains Genesis 6 but that could point to an imminent possibility given modern science and man's tendency to throw caution to the wind when given the chance to play 'god') ever occurs, mutated DNA will get out of the bottle. When and if that happens, 'alien' and/or animal characteristics will be introduced to human specie, altering the human genetic code and eventually eliminating humanity as we know it. Some believe that was in Genesis 6, and could be again, the whole idea.

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