Pastor Caspar McLoud's latest book “What was I thinking?” The book “What was I thinking” reveals the marvelous links between the functions of the brain, the Commandments of God, and how your physical, spiritual, and emotional health depend on your understanding of God’s word, and how to apply it to your thought life!
Pastor Caspar’s incredible book, “Unmasking The Future!”, an imperative read that reveals the Biblical truth about the existence of the Giant Nephilim, The possibility of Ancient Astronauts or Alien Beings, Transhumanism, how to face the future without a spirit of fear, and SO MUCH MORE!
Plus! What special offer featuring Christian music Legend Caspar McLoud would be complete without some of his phenomenal musical works!
In the “Unmasking the Future Special Offer” you will also receive Casper’s new Album “Communion” featuring stellar tracks like “In Adoration” “I’ve got a new life” and enter an intimate place of worship with “Talk to the Wind” These amazing songs and more!
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Unmasking the Future: Do we really believe what is in our Bibles? We read about talking donkeys, floating ax-heads, a virgin birth, coins that appear from the mouth of a fish, men that walk on water, water that is changed to wine, water that is heaped up and seas that part. Staffs are thrown to the ground and become snakes, men that are in one location and then suddenly are whisked away only to find themselves miles from where there were in an instant. The future of our planet is told with great specify. Prophecies are written sometimes thousands of years before their fulfillment. Pastor Caspar believes in the supernatural! There is a tension within the body of Messiah, or the Christian church. There is a division between those who take the Bible literally with all of its supernatural events and those who maintain and insist that all of this passed away with the passing of Jesus’ apostles. Yet, as Caspar points out in "Unmasking the Future", our Bibles confirm that the supernatural will be expedited, and in full force in the last days. What do we do with scripture from our savior that warns us: Men will faint from fear what is coming upon the earth? Pastor Caspar’s writings will equip the reader with what I believe is vital information. UFOs, the days of Noah and the return of the Nephilim, the rise of the occult. Pastor Caspar tackles these subjects with erudition. Dive in and study to show yourself approved!


What Was I Thinking: What Was I Thinking? helps us understand where the battle is and how you can find victory through Biblical insights and personal revelation experienced by the authors. They dive into the physical and medical, spiritual and emotional, areas in the thought processes with bodily manifestations. We discuss the mind-body-spirit connection and what can be done to produce good health. Our thoughts certainly mold our lifestyle and shape our mental, physical, relational and emotional health. What shape are we in? This isn't to bring condemnation but truth that makes free! Where our thoughts go our body follows! We believe this teaching with practical application is the key to winning back what the enemy has stolen - our minds - so that we can be restored to health and go and tell what the Lord has done for us, thereby, helping others be freed!


Communion CD: Caspar McCloud is a virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter, an acclaimed portrait artist, as well as an equestrian, ordained minister, and bestselling author of five previous books. A modern day Renaissance man, the multi-talented McCloud has wowed fans and fellow guitarists with his lightening fast technique, his use of effects, a la his friend and mentor Phil Keaggy, as well as his gentle, serene, celtic tinged acoustic playing. The new Communion album includes the tracks: 1.In Adoration 2.America 3.Surrender All to Jesus 4.Don't Want you Taken Surprise 5.Deny Myself 6.Communion 7.Passport to Paradise 8.New Life 9.Talk to the Wind 10.Holiness 11.Dancing in the Rain 12.Won't Bow Down 13. L.A. Marzulli