The Higher Entities Ultra Collection


"The Higher Entities Ultra Collection"

Sold separately this Ultra Collection holds a retail value of $175.00,Yours now for your donation of only $35.00 plus S/H!

When did the government alien programs originate and why? Who were the collin’s elite, and were they exposing the dangers of such programs? What exactly did these black projects involve? Learn the astonishing answers to those questions and so much more! Skywatch TV is proud to announce the Higher Entities Ultra Collection!


This special offer includes the new Faull brothers feature film Higher Entities, the lost tapes which is a live-action documentary including up close and personal discussions with former FBI agents, department of defense consultants, best selling authors and seasoned research professionals, that deliver intimate testimonies of disclosure, which put you face to face on location and in the conversation! Featuring Justen Faull, Dr. Thomas Horn, Ray Boeche, Derek Gilbert, Stan Deyo, Darrin Geisinger, Chad Riley, and Wes Faull!



But thats not all, you’ll also receive the brand new, top secret 5 volume DVD collection Project Stargate! This unprecedented series of never before released confidential interviews features 12 of the worlds leading authorities on UFO’s, so called aliens, gods, and the coming day of contact! You will be amazed as we go behind the scenes to ask experts what they really believe is coming. Watch as men with security clearances like the late Dr. Chuck Missler share for the first time what they know… then take notes as Dr. Michael Heiser, late Cris Putnam, Russ Dizdar, Joe Jordan, L.A. Marzulli, Derrel Sims, Gary Stearman, Joyce Ahrens and others weigh in on what soon will cause the world to stand still in awe! Project Stargate holds a retail value all by itself of $150.00, included now for a limited time in the Higher Entities Ultra Collection!