The Day The Earth Stands Still Ultimate Collection:

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The Day The Earth Stands Still: Book By Josh Peck, Derek Gilbert 

The secret effort behind official disclosure is revealed at last! 
What if the modern push for official disclosure concerning ETI and UFOs is actually an ancient effort? What if this conspiracy can be traced back to the old gods—fallen elohim who rebelled against their Creator long ago? What if they’re planning one final attempt to take control of our planet? Are they evil, or are they benevolent beings offering their assistance?
And if they are returning, is it possible to pinpoint the exact date of official disclosure? 
Noted researchers and authors Josh Peck (Abaddon Ascending, Unraveling the Multiverse) and Derek P. Gilbert (The Great Inception) team up to expose the disturbing truth behind the push for official disclosure. Learn what the Podesta WikiLeaks revealed about those controlling this movement. Discover the identities of the otherworldly beings pulling the strings from the shadows.
Determine for yourself, finally, if evangelical Christianity could be compatible with a genuine
extraterrestrial existence (the answer might not be what you think). For the first time ever, Gilbert and Peck disclose the reality behind these age-old questions.

Unraveling the Multiverse: Book By Josh Peck

Now is the time for the biggest revealing of otherworldly existence the world has ever seen! For the first time ever, the most up to date and shocking information from the studies of quantum physics, ufology, and the supernatural are made available to the masses. Even better yet, this information is presented in a way anybody can understand. Learn just how perfectly compatible science and religion can be and why it seems they are always at odds. Uncover what really makes up everything in existence as reality itself is examined at a quantum level. Find out if things like time travel are scientifically and biblically possible. Also discover how, for years, the extraterrestrial hypothesis has dominated the field of ufology. Yet, there is another theory that might provide more substantial answers to the UFO phenomenon. In Unraveling the Multiverse, researcher and author Josh Peck explores the fringe of the extradimensional hypothesis to show the stunning possibility that UFOs and their pilots originate from a higher dimension. Discover answers to paradigm-shifting questions, such as: Is there a way for science and religion to complement one another? Were extradimensional craft and other-worldly beings reported in antiquity? Does quantum physics have any place in the Bible? Who are the mysterious cherubim and what is their role in the affairs of mankind? Do biblical interpretations have any use in explaining scientific observations? Did nonhuman entities leave behind evidence showing their extradimensional nature? Is quantum physics unknowable to religious minds? Are higher dimensions interacting with our own? Must a scientific mind also be void of religion? Are there prophecies pointing to a possible return of extradimensional beings? Do things like strings, branes, multiple dimensions, parallel universes, time warps, quantum entanglement, and extradimensional beings have any place in biblical descriptions of God's creation? What is our true origin? Is there an unseen world that exists all around us? How do we prepare for what is ahead? And much more!

Official Disclosure Audio Series (New single disc version): Various Contributors 

PREPARE FOR CONTACT! In order to separate fact from fiction and to understand the social, scientific, and spiritual ramifications of alien disclosure and/or contact, some of the world's leading authorities (including some who attended the 2010 Royal Society Conference such as Nick Pope, Britain's former lead officer for the Ministry of Defence's UFO Research) speak out in this special multi-hour show on the numerous important issues that could soon affect all mankind! Official Disclosure covers questions like: 

* Is official disclosure of alien contact near?

* When will it happen?

* Are the aliens friendly or hostile?

*  What is happening during alien abduction?

* Are angels or demons involved?

* Is this fulfillment of biblical prophecy?


The Secret Vatican & Alien Antichrist Connection DVD: By Thomas Horn

Delivered by Dr. Thomas Horn at Strategic Perspectives Conference in Coeur d'Alene, ID, October, 2013. In this standing ovation presentation, Dr. Thomas Horn walked the spellbound audience through events leading up to and beyond the investigations that ultimately resulted in the best selling books "Petrus Romanus" and "Exovaticana." Listen as Tom explains the preternatural events, which brought him and co-author Cris Putnam together, and learn the moments when they almost backed down over unspoken threats, the trip to Mt. Graham in Arizona to meet the Vatican's astronomers, the LUCIFER device and what it is being used for today, and finally the extraordinary discovery about the mountain itself and the strange events going on there. This over one-hour live presentation was recorded before a packed crowd that cheered the final conclusions spelling out the deepest secret between the Vatican and an Alien Antichrist connection.


Project Stargate 5 Volume DVD Collection (Includes all 5 DVD’S): Various Contributors

Twelve of the world’s leading authorities on UFO'S, so-called Aliens, gods, and a coming “day of contact” reveal everything you need to know about the imminent “official disclosure” moment in this never-before released series of private interviews from the SkyWatch TV vault. Guests include; Gary Stearman, Chuck Missler, Joe Jordan, Paul McGuire, Joyce Ahrens, Michael Heiser, Guy Malone, Russ Dizdar, Stan Deyo, Cris Putnam, Derrel Sims, and L.A.Marzulli. This massive, 5 DVD Collection will provide HOURS of fascinating disclosure-related content NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else!


Quantum Physics In Prophecy: DVD By Josh Peck

This DVD presentation by Josh Peck will provide insight to how God's directive genius cannot be factually separated, nor denied from creation and the scientific balance of the universe.