The Alien Agenda: UFOs, the Nephilim, & the Fall of Lucifer


The Alien Agenda

by Gary Stearman, Tom Horn & LA Marzulli

What happens when you put three of the brightest Christian minds together in one room to discuss the strange and supernatural events in the Bible? Sparks fly as Gary Stearman interviews fellow UFO experts, Tom Horn and LA Marzulli on the darkest and most confusing of subjects for many believers. The Alien Agenda is a comprehensive review of the biblical fallen angels and their Luciferian agenda. Beginning with the fall of Lucifer, this trio of experts delves into Genesis 6 and explains the fallen angels nightmare like you've never heard it explained before. You'll hear about their dastardly deeds as angels took human wives and created a race of hybrid giants. When Joshua, Caleb and the other 10 spies entered the Promised Land to scout out the territory for the first time, they saw the offspring of these fallen angels and proclaimed, "We were like grasshoppers in their sight."

These genetic hybrids interfered with both the human genome as well as the animal kingdom, creating a race of gigantic, hybrid animals as well. Because of their rebellion, God was forced to destroy all living creatures in Noah's flood, saving only Noah and his family, referred to as "perfect in their generations, and 1 of each undefiled animal, male and female.

Today, with the massive proliferation of UFO sightings, mysterious crop circles, blatant and demonic cattle mutilations and genetic tampering in laboratories across the world, we felt it was necessary to address these phenomenon from a biblical perspective. Nothing is held back as Gary, Tom and LA share their insights from many years of research and personal insight. From Lucifer, to alien abductions, angels and demons and the coming UFO deception; it's all in here. The prophecies of Apollyon and Revelation 9 and the war with Satan in Revelation 12 take on new meaning in The Alien Agenda. 3 hours of personal, one-on-one interviews on 2 DVD's!

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3 hours of interviews on 2 DVD's (Six 30-minute interviews)