Angels & Giants Expedition Collection


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(Angels & Giants 4-part series DVD $59.99. Angels & Giants Illuminated DVD $25.)

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Angels & Giants, The Watchers & The Nephilim 4-part Docuseries on DVD! 

This groundbreaking new series travels the world and unveils for the first time ever archaeological, cultural, and even spiritual evidence of the existence of fallen Angels and Giants here on earth! Beings whose allegorical, historical and even physical handprints have remained purposely hidden behind the veil by wicked, anti-God evildoers…

Angels & Giants Illuminated Companion DVD! 

This stand-alone masterpiece takes you on an expedition of epic proportion! Join as the experts from the Angels & Giants series continue their examination of Biblical Giants, the watchers and the Nephilim! You will explore the mysteries of ancient megalithic structures and learn about why so many first nation tribes and civilizations share the same origin stories rooted in the existence of Giants! AND what the bible has to say about all of it!