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Supernatural Worldview

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If “paranormal” really is “the new normal,” as most leading scholars agree, then Christians face a dilemma in searching for the appropriate level of skepticism amid surprising evidences that support a Supernatural Worldview. While culture abounds with everything from ghosts to space aliens and all sorts of fantastic nonsense, foundational Christian tenets such as the Resurrection and fulfilled prophecy can be counted among the most incredible supernatural phenomena of all.

Presenting Christian apologetics from an apocalyptic perspective, The Supernatural Worldview offers a close and careful look at supernatural and paranormal phenomena through the lens of biblical scholarship. Surveys of contemporary and ancient research reveal that, surprisingly, even some of the usual evangelical answers to questions raised concerning these topics are found wanting: "In the one area where the church is supposed to have specialized mastery," observes author Cris Putnam, "it is failing to be salt and light. Through either ignorance, incredulity, or both, we're not providing convincing answers when it comes to paranormal phenomena."

The Supernatural Worldview encourages cautiousness among believers and sounds an ominous trumpet in light of prophetic predictions given more than eighty years ago by Chinese Christian and visionary author Watchman Nee.

In The Supernatural Worldview, you will:

· Walk with the author as he investigates the Rhine Institute (formerly the Duke Parapsychology Lab) to examine the evidence for psi and to gather intelligence on the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Global Consciousness Project.

· Discover what happened between the author and the popular host of It’s Supernatural in Sid Roth’s private office.

· Read the actual poltergeist experiences of top New Testament scholars.

· Discover the growing body of evidence for ESP, precognition, and psychokinesis.

· Learn how Watchman Nee’s predictions of end-times psychic powers are suddenly developing among men and women.

· Read about mysterious scientists and the Eastern spiritual techniques they are promoting to develop psychic power.

· Find out how near-death experiences are spun to promote the pantheistic worldview.

· Read about well evidenced cases of ghosts, poltergeists, and apparitions.

· Analyze the author’s interviews with paranormal investigators Ray Boeche, ThD, and Natalina of the Extraordinary Intelligence website.

· And much, much more!

Cris D. Putnam is a best-selling coauthor with Thomas Horn of Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana, as well as a contributor to the compilation Pandemonium's Engine. He holds a master’s in theological studies and a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and religion, as well as a certification in Christian apologetics. He is a lifetime member and contributor to Koinonia Institute and is sponsored through KI-Trust. Appearing as a scholarly commentator on the History Channel’s Countdown to Apocalypse and many other documentary films, Putnam is recognized for his expertise in the area of technology, the occult, and biblical prophecy.

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